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  Here you can find some photos which show more than one of my budgies. Some of the birds shown here regrettably aren't still alive.

Ares and Maia
Two times blue: Ares and Maia (front)

Little flock
Little flock: Vivian, Ares, Rudi, Maia, Pollux, Cordelia and Niobe perched on a branch. (Description of the birds from left to right.)

Helene and Orpheus
Orpheus (right) used to love his wife Helene.

Sporty! - Cordelia is doing some gym and her husband Pollux is watching her.

Taking a shower is fun!
Umbriel and Vivian (left) love to shower.

Rudi, Maia, Himalia and Ares (from left to right).

Pollux and Io
Pollux and Io once were a happy couple.

Cuddle without borders
Cuddle without borders: The green Linnie Merlin, his wife Bianca and their friend Max love to snuggle against each other.

Rudi and Maia
Smooching on a twig: Rudi and Maia

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