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Statistics on Budgie Names For all those who want to know how other pet bird keepers name their budgies, I started to collect budgie names in 1997. You can find all of the birds entered by now in this chapter of Birds Online. The actual number of birds entered is 45360 . Those birds carry 14543 different names. 84 budgies had a different name while they were living in the home of a former keeper. All of them have only been counted as one bird with two name entries. It would be nice if every visitor of this page could enter the names of his or her budgies and of course the names of other budgies who are owned by friends or relatives. It is very important that only budgie names are entered into the stats, entering names of other birds is not allowed since it is a statistics on budgie names.

Please note that the names you have entered will not be automatically shown on-line. I have to enter them by hand and I will do so as soon as possible. In general, there is at minimum one update per week.










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