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R-Zwo 1Germany
R2 1Germany
R2D2 1Germany
R2D2 1UK
R2D2 1Austria
Ra 1Germany
Rabauke 1Germany
Rabbit 1Germany
Rabby 1Germany
Rabe 1Germany
Rabia 1Turkey
Racal 1Germany
Racco 1Canada
Raccoo 1UK
Rachel 2Germany
Rachelle 1Canada
Racker 1Australia
Racker 5Germany
Racky 1Germany
Racoby 1Germany
Radames 1Colombia
Radar 1Australia
Radar 1Denmark
Radha 1Germany
Radha 1Austria
Radieschen 2Germany
Radio Activ Man 1Germany
Radsha 1Germany
Radu 1Germany
Radu 1Austria
Rae 1USA
Rafael 1Australia
Rafael 1Romania
Raffael 2Germany
Raffaello 1Austria
Raffaelo Flöckchen 1Germany
Raffi 1Germany
Raffie 1UK
Raffy 1Germany
Rafiki 1Germany
Rafiki 1Canada
Rafiki 1USA
Raggedy Roo 1USA
Ragnar 1Germany
Ragnar 1Sweden
Rah 1Germany
Raha 1Germany
Rahab 1Germany
Rahja 1Germany
Raihan 1Germany
Railere 1Spain
Rain 1Germany
Rain 1Canada
Rainbow 4Australia
Rainbow 14Germany
Rainbow 5UK
Rainbow 1South Africa
Rainbow 2USA
Rainbow Brite 1USA
Rainbowbird 1Germany
Raini 2Germany
Raini 1USA
Rainy 3Germany
Rainy 1Canada
Raissa 1Germany
Rakete 1Germany
Raki 1Germany
Rakker 1Germany
Rakker 1USA
Rala 1Germany
Raleigh 1USA
Ralf 1Australia
Ralfi 1Germany
Ralfseiner 1Germany
Ralla 1Germany
Rally 1Germany
Ralph 1Canada
Ralph 1USA
Ralph 1Australia
Ralph 1Germany
Ralphy 1Germany
Ram 1UK
Rama 1Germany
Ramazotti 1Germany
Rambine 1Germany
Rambo 34Germany
Rambo 2UK
Rambo 3Switzerland
Rambo 1Germany
Rambolinchen 2Germany
Ramboline 1Germany
Rambolino 1Germany
Ramé 1Germany
Rami 1Germany
Ramin 1USA
Ramiro 1Germany
Rammstein 1Germany
Ramon 1Germany
Ramon-Miguel 1Germany
Ramona 1Mexico
Ramos 1Germany
Ramses 11Germany
Ramses der Zweite 1Germany
Ramsy 1Switzerland
Rana 4Germany
Randali 1Germany
Randi 3Germany
Randolf 1Germany
Randy 4Germany
Ranger 1Germany
Rango 1UK
Rani 3Germany
Rania 1Germany
Ranjid 1Germany
Raphael 1Germany
Raphael 1UK
Raphael 1USA
Raphaelo 1Romania
Rappel 1Germany
Raps 2Germany
Raptor 1USA
Rapunzel 1Germany
Rare 1Australia
Rarie 1Germany
Rascal 1UK
Rascal 2Australia
Rascal 1Germany
Rascha 1Germany
Raschel 1Germany
Rasin 1USA
Rasmus 1Germany
Raspberry 1USA
Rasputin 2Germany
Rasti 1Germany
Rasu 1Germany
Ratchet 1USA
Ratz 5Germany
Ratze Ratzeputz 1Germany
Ratzinger 1Germany
Raudi 1Germany
Ravenclaw 1Canada
Raver 1Germany
Ravi 2Germany
Ravio 1Germany
Ray 2Germany
Ray 1USA
Raya 1Germany
Rayito de Sol 1Mexico
Rayko 1Germany
Rayo 1Germany
Razi 1Canada
Raziel 1Germany
Razmo 1Canada
Razorhead 2Germany
Razzle Dazzle 1USA
Real 1Germany
Real 1Puerto Rico
Reaper 1Germany
Reason 1Germany
Reba 1Germany
Rebecca 1Germany
Rebekka 1Sweden
Recarda 1Germany
Red Eye 1Germany
Reddgie 1Germany
Reddy 1Germany
Reduxo 1Germany
Reeco 1Germany
Reef 1Germany
Reepicheep 1Germany
Reflecter 1Canada
Reg 1UK
Reg 1New Zealand
Regenbogen 4Germany
Reggie 1Germany
Reggie 1USA
Regulus 1Germany
Reha 1Germany
Rei 1Germany
Reika 1Switzerland
Reikja 1Germany
Reiner 1Canada
Reinhold 4Germany
Rejy 1Australia
Rembrandt 1Canada
Rémis 1Germany
Remmy 2Germany
Remmy 1USA
Remo 1Germany
Remo Romeo Fritz Bagwan Tschipp 1Germany
Remus 2Germany
Remus 1Greece
Remus 1Switzerland
Remus 1Austria
Remy 2Germany
Ren 1USA
Ren-chan 1Germany
Renate 5Germany
Rene 1Germany
Renee 1Germany
Renee 1Australia
Renji 1UK
Rerun 1Germany
Resa 1Germany
Resi 5Germany
Reszka 1Poland
Return 1UK
Reuben 1USA
Revouar 1Germany
Rex 1Germany
Rex 1UK
Rexi 1Germany
Rey 1Germany
Rezzo 1Germany
Rhea 3Germany
Rhea 1Switzerland
Rheo 1Canada
Rhett 1Germany
Rhiann 1Canada
Rhinai 1Germany
Rhinja 1Germany
Rhodora 1UK
Rhys 1UK
Ria 1Germany
Ribery 1Germany
Ribo 1Germany
Rica 2Germany
Ricardito 1Germany
Ricardo 1Germany
Ricardo 1Italy
Ricardo Tubbs 1Germany
Riccarda 1Germany
Ricci 1Germany
Ricco 1Germany
Ricco 1Switzerland
Rice 1Germany
Rich 1Germany
Rich 1USA
Richard 5Germany
Richard 1India
Richard 1USA
Richard Birdon 1USA
Richard III. 1Germany
Richey 1Germany
Richi 1Switzerland
Richie 9Germany
Richie 1Romania
Richie 1Ukraine
Richie 1USA
Richy 6Germany
Rici 1Germany
Rick 1Canada
Rickets 1USA
Ricki 1Canada
Ricki 5Germany
Ricki 9Germany
Rickie 2Germany
Ricko 1Switzerland
Rickorso 1Germany
Ricky 42Germany
Ricky 1Moldova
Ricky 1Russia
Ricky 2USA
Ricky 1Austria
Rico 35Germany
Rico 1UK
Rico 1Portugal
Rico 1Switzerland
Rico 2USA
Rico 1Austria
Riconi 1Switzerland
Riechi 1Germany
Riechy 1Germany
Rieke 2Germany
Rienchen 1Germany
RiffRaff 1Germany
Rifka 2Germany
Rigo 3Germany
Rihanna 1Germany
Rika 1Germany
Rika 1Lithuania
Rike 1Germany
Riker 1Germany
Rikey 2Germany
Rikhard 1Finland
Riki 1Denmark
Rikki 3Germany
Rikki 3Switzerland
Rikky 1Germany
Rikky 1Romania
Riko 4Germany
Riku 4Germany
Riley 1Australia
Riley 1UK
Riley 1USA
Rimini 1Germany
Rin 2Germany
Rina 2Germany
Rincewind 1Germany
Ringelblume 1Switzerland
Ringo 2Canada
Ringo 1Switzerland
Ringo 1USA
Ringo 3Germany
Ringo 2UK
Ringo Starr 1Germany
Rinha 1Germany
Rio 12Germany
Rio 1UK
Rio 2Italy
Rio 2Canada
Rio 2Switzerland
Rio 1USA
Rio Ferdinand 1Germany
Rio Jr. 1USA
Rìomhach 1Switzerland
Riothamus 1Germany
Ripples 1Australia
Riraritzi 1Germany
Risa 1Germany
Rita 1Australia
Rita 6Germany
Rita 1UK
Ritchi 1Germany
Ritchie 4Germany
Ritchy 3Germany
Ritchy 1Switzerland
Ritschie 1Germany
Ritsu 1Germany
River 1Germany
River 1UK
River 1USA
Rivet 1UK
Rixi 2Germany
Rixie 1Germany
Rizzla 1UK
Rizzo 1Germany
Rizzoli 1Germany
Roadrunner 1Germany
Rob 1Germany
Robbi 3Germany
Robbi Tweety 1Germany
Robbie 24Germany
Robbie 4UK
Robbie 1Canada
Robbie 1Austria
Robbie F. 1Germany
Robby 34Germany
Robbyt 1Germany
Robert 3Germany
Robert Blue 1Australia
Robert Leonard 1Germany
Robert, der Fliegende 1Germany
Roberta 1Germany
Roberto 1Armenia
Roberto 3Germany
Roberto 1Canada
Robie 1Germany
Robie 1Austria
Robin 18Germany
Robin 1Canada
Robin 1Malta
Robin 1USA
Robin 1Austria
Robin Hood 2Germany
Robina 1Germany
Robinia 1UK
Robinson 5Germany
Robo 1Germany
Roby 1Switzerland
Rocca 1Germany
Rocco 17Germany
Rocco 1Italy
Rocco 1Canada
Rocco 1Switzerland
Rocco 1Austria
Roccy 2Germany
Rochelle 1Australia
Rocker 2Germany
Rocket 1Germany
Rocket 1Switzerland
Rocketeer 1Germany
Rockey 1Australia
Rocki 6Germany
Rockie 2Germany
Rocko 10Germany
Rocko 1Switzerland
Rockstar 1UK
Rocky 1USA
Rocky 2Austria
Rocky 1Australia
Rocky 1Belgium
Rocky 116Germany
Rocky 4UK
Rocky 1Canada
Rocky 1Malta
Rocky 1Mexico
Rocky 2New Zealand
Rocky 1Netherlands
Rocky 2Switzerland
Rocky Balboa 1Germany
Rocky Balboa der Italienische Hengst 1Germany
Rocky Ed 1Germany
Rocky Horror 1Germany
Rocky Mountains 1Germany
Rockyl 1Germany
RockyLee Jones 1Germany
Roco 2Germany
Rod 1Germany
Roddy 1UK
Roddy 1Austria
Roderick 1Netherlands
Rodger 1Germany
Rodger the Rabbit 1Australia
Rodney 1Germany
Rodney 1UK
Rodolfo 1Germany
Rodrigo 1Australia
Rodrigo 1Germany
Roger 1Australia
Roger 7Germany
Roger 1USA
Roggi 1Switzerland
Roggo 2Switzerland
Rogue 1USA
Rohanna 1Germany
Rojan 1Germany
Rokko 3Germany
Rokko 1Austria
Rokko Kowalski 2Germany
Roland 1Canada
Rolex 1Germany
Rolf 3Germany
Rolfi 2Germany
Rolinha 1Germany
Rolle 1Germany
Roller 1Canada
Rolli 4Germany
Rolly 1Australia
Rolly 1Germany
Rolly 1UK
Rolo 1Germany
Rolo 1UK
Roma 3Germany
Roma 2Ukraine
Roman 1Germany
Roman 1USA
Roman 1Australia
Romeo 2Australia
Romeo 41Germany
Romeo 1UK
Romeo 4Canada
Romeo 1Switzerland
Romeo 2Austria
Romeo-Snowie 1Germany
Romi 1Germany
Romie 1USA
Romio 1Sweden
Romke 2Germany
Rommel 1Germany
Romolus 1Switzerland
Romulus 1Australia
Romy 4Germany
Romy 1Switzerland
Ron 7Germany
Rona 1Germany
Ronald 1Germany
Ronaldinho 1Canada
Ronaldinho 1Netherlands
Ronaldo 2Germany
Ronda 2Germany
Ronja 15Germany
Ronja 1Netherlands
Ronja 1Switzerland
Ronni 3Germany
Ronnie 2Germany
Ronnie 3UK
Ronny 1Switzerland
Ronny 20Germany
Rontu 1Germany
Rony 1Germany
Ronya 1Switzerland
Roo 1Canada
Roobarb 1UK
Rookie 1Germany
Rooney 1Turkey
Rooney 1USA
Roope 1Finland
Rooster 1Germany
Roro 1Canada
Rory 1Germany
Rory 1Canada
Rory 1USA
Rosa 1Austria
Rosa 3Germany
Rosalie 12Germany
Rosalie die Beste 1Germany
Rosalie-Ashton 1Germany
Rosalind 1Austria
Rosalinde 1USA
Rosco 1Germany
Rose 1Australia
Rose 4Germany
Roselie 1Germany
Rosella 1Germany
Rosella-Marie 1Germany
Rosemary 1UK
Rosemary 1Sweden
Roseta 1Romania
Rosi 1Sweden
Rosi 1Austria
Rosi 16Germany
Rosie 3Australia
Rosie 5Germany
Rosie 3UK
Rosie 3Canada
Rosie 2USA
Rosinchen 1Germany
Rositha 1Switzerland
Ross 1UK
Rossi 1Germany
Rossi 1UK
Rossini 1Germany
Roswell 1UK
Roswitta 1Cuba
Rotang 1New Zealand
Rotauge 1Germany
Rotkäppchen 1Germany
Rotwek 1Germany
Rouven 1Germany
Roval 1Germany
Rover 1Australia
Rowan 1UK
Rowdy 2Germany
Rowdy 1Switzerland
Rowdy 1USA
Roxane 1Germany
Roxanna 1USA
Roxas 1Germany
Roxii 1Australia
Roxus 1UK
Roxy 4Germany
Roxy 1Switzerland
Roxy 4Australia
Roy 6Germany
Roy B 1UK
Rozárka 1Czech Republic
Rubby 1Germany
Ruben 1Australia
Ruberta 1Germany
Rubi 4Germany
Rubina 1Germany
Rubinia Schnucki 1Germany
Rubirosa 3Germany
Ruby 1Canada
Ruby 1USA
Ruby 1UK
Ruby 2Australia
Ruby 8Germany
Ruby 1UK
Ruck 1Germany
Ruckety 1Germany
Rudi 1Australia
Rudi 101Germany
Rudi 1Slovenia
Rudi 1Austria
Rudi Rudolfo 1Germany
Rudi Völler 1Germany
Rudie 1Australia
Rudie 1Canada
Rudinchen 1Germany
Rudolf 2Germany
Rudolph 1Australia
Rudolph 1Germany
Rudy 6Germany
Rudzica 1Croatia
Rue 1Germany
Ruffles 1Australia
Ruffus 1Germany
Ruffy 4Germany
Rufus 1Australia
Rufus 7Germany
Rufus 1Netherlands
Rufus 1South Africa
Rugby 1Switzerland
Ruka 2Germany
Rukia 1UK
Rumburack 1Germany
Rummel 1Germany
Rumo 1Switzerland
Rumour 1USA
Rump 1UK
Rumpel 5Germany
Rumpel-Rosie 1Germany
Rumpelstilzchen 1Germany
Runaround Sue 1Germany
Runaway 1Germany
Runt 2USA
Rupfi 1Germany
Rupfie 2Germany
Russell 1Australia
Russell 1New Zealand
Russian 1Barbados
Russin 1Germany
Russischer Patient 1Germany
Rusty 2USA
Rusty 3Germany
Ruth 1Australia
Rußige 1Germany
Rübchen 3Germany
Rübe 9Germany
Rübezahl 1Germany
Rübi 1Germany
Rycky 1Germany
Rüdi 2Germany
Rüdiger 13Germany
Rüdiger von Schlotterstein 1Germany
Rye 1Australia
Rykker 1UK
Ryne 1China
Ryo 2Germany
Rüpel 1Germany
Rüpi 1Germany
Rüstü 1Germany
Ryu 1Germany
Ryux 1Switzerland
Rzaska 1Poland
Rän 1Germany
Räuber 4Germany
Röhrich 1Germany
Römer 1Austria
Röschen 1Germany

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