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Within the last years there were several anniversaries within the stats. There are two different kinds of anniversaries which can be found on this page. At first, I counted all budgies whose names have been entered into my stats, see below. As soon as a round number is reached, there is another anniversary to be celebrated. Furthermore I counted the different names that were entered into the stats by the visitors of Birds Onlin, see below. One of the anniversaries that took place in the past is not announced here because the owber of this special budgie didn't allow me to publish the anniversary-bird's name here. I had to respect that even though I can't really understand the reason why. But now let's have a look at the wonderful anniversary budgies.

Anniversary budgies

    500th budgie: Tweety (Germany, 06/18/1998)
  1000th budgie: Mulder (Germany, 04/10/1999)
  1500th budgie: Coco (Germany, 07/10/1999)
  2000th budgie: Josephine (Germany, 08/26/1999)
  2500th budgie: Wicki (Germany, 04/09/2000)
  3000th budgie: Sina (Germany, 10/11/2000)
  3500th budgie: Fistik (Germany, 01/21/.2001)
  4000th budgie: Karli (Germany, 06/20/2001)
  4500th budgie: Bubi (Germany, 09/10/2001)
  5000th budgie: Lexi (Switzerland, 01/05/2002)
  5500th budgie: Maxi (Austria, 04/17/2002)
  6000th budgie: Samuel (Germany, 08/09/2002)
  6500th budgie: Speedy (Germany, 10/17/2002)
  7000th budgie: Zwergi (Austria, 12/30/2002)
  7500th budgie: Pia (Germany, 03/17/2003)
  8000th budgie: Noddy (Australia, 06/10/2003)
  8500th budgie: Krümel (Germany, 09/23/2003)
  9000th budgie: Yoko (Germany, 01/18/2004)
  9500th budgie: Dille (Germany, 05/08/2004)
10000th budgie: Chilli (Germany, 08/27/.2004)
10500th budgie: Sammy (Germany, 01/08/.2005)
11000th budgie: Nicki (Germany, 03/04/2005)
11500th budgie: Wattle (Australia, 07/03/2005)
12000th budgie: Knut (Germany, 10/10/2005)
12500th budgie: Pete (Germany, 12/10/2005)
13000th budgie: Gucky (Germany, 01/19/2006)
13500th budgie: Flip Flop (Germany, 02/22/2006)
14000th budgie: Pipsi (Austria, 03/18/2006)
14500th budgie: Murphy (Germany, 04/15/2006)
15000th budgie: Gerhard (Germany, 05/03/2006)
15500th budgie: Samsibams (Germany, 06/12/2006)
16000th budgie: Berta (Germany, 07/18/2006)
16500th budgie: Timmi (Germany, 08/07/2006)
17000th budgie: Linchen (Germany, 09/02/2006)
17500th budgie: Tux (Germany, 10/08/2006)
18000th budgie: Sonnyboy (Germany, 10/28/2006)
18500th budgie: Milka (Germany, 11/09/2006)
19000th budgie: Lisje (Germany, 12/02/2006)
19500th budgie: Arabella (Germany, 12/26/2006)
20000th budgie: Sneha (Switzerland, 01/27/.2007)
20500th budgie: Impi (Germany, 02/15/2007)
21000th budgie: Mogli (Germany, 03/26/2007)
21500th budgie: Bo (USA, 05/11/2007)
22000th budgie: Paula (Germany, 06/10/2007)
22500th budgie: Charly (Germany, 08/16/2007)
23000th budgie: Ferrari (Norway, 09/16/2007)
23500th budgie: Charlie (Germany, 10/18/2007)
24000th budgie: Miró (Germany, 12/05/2007)
24500th budgie: Hugo (Germany, 01/17/2008)
25000th budgie: Hugo (Germany, 02/24/2008)
25500th budgie: P-Jay (USA, 03/28/2008)
26000th budgie: Paddy (Germany, 05/08/2008)
26500th budgie: Sky (Indien, 06/20/.2008)
27000th budgie: Dale (Australia, 07/25/2008)
27500th budgie: Hamza (UK, 09/05/2008)
28000th budgie: Lola (Germany, 10/13/2008)
28500th budgie: Nicky (Germany, 11/23/2008)
29000th budgie: Kollege (Germany, 01/02/2009)
29500th budgie: Adele (Germany, 02/01/2009)
30000th budgie: Burli (Austria, 03/11/2009)
30500th budgie: Birdy (Germany, 04/24/2009)
31000th budgie: Sissi (Germany, 06/05/2009)
31500th budgie: Feanor (Germany, 07/14/2009)
32000th budgie: Hubert (Czech Republic, 08/27/2009)
32500th budgie: Jezebel (Finland, 10/20/2009)
33000th budgie: Flippie (Germany, 12/26/2009)
33500th budgie: Fiesta (Germany, 02/15/2010)
34000th budgie: Emil (Germany, 04/08/2010)
34500th budgie: Ernie (Germany, 05/31/2010)
35000th budgie: Jacky (Germany, 08/03/2010)
35500th budgie: Roxy (Australia, 10/09/2010)
36000th budgie: Snow (Australia, 12/30/2010)
36500th budgie: Askim (Germany, 03/05/2011)
37000th budgie: Lili (Germany, 05/11/2011)
37500th budgie: Golden Eagle (New Zealand, 07/24/2011)
38000th budgie: Willi (Germany, 10/04/2011)
38500th budgie: Scruffy (Germany, 12/29/2011)
39000th budgie: Bruce (United Kingdom, 02/24/2012)
39500th budgie: Schnucki (Germany, 05/07/2012)
40000th budgie: Lina (Germany, 08/01/2012)
40500th budgie: Niko (Germany, 10/26/2012)
41000th budgie: Greeny (Germany, 03/11/2013)
41500th budgie: Lulu (Germany, 07/14/2013)
42000th budgie: Wölkchen (Germany, 12/13/2013)
42500th budgie: Cailean (Germany, 06/19/2014)
43000th budgie: -
43500th budgie: Apostasi (Austria, 11/30/2015)
44000th budgie: Mickey (Germany, 08/14/2017)
45000th budgie: Yoshi (Germany, 12/19/2018)

Anniversary names

    500th name: -
  1000th name: Lucas (Germany, 07/28/1999)
  1500th name: Gladis (Germany, 07/19/2000)
  2000th name: Akito (Germany, 07/05/2001)
  2500th name: Hutch (USA, 02/21/2002)
  3000th name: Durgin (Germany, 11/21/2002)
  3500th name: Lümmel (Germany, 05/24/2003)
  4000th name: Tuki (USA, 08/29/2003)
  4500th name: Stöpseli (Switzerland, 04/13/2004)
  5000th name: JC (Germany, 01/19/2005)
  5500th name: Alaton (Germany, 11/03/2005)
  6000th name: Onkel Herrmann (Germany, 02/24/2006)
  6500th name: Küschen (Germany, 08/10/2006)
  7000th name: -
  7500th name: Dickhead (New Zealand, 11/04/2006)
  8000th name: Jim Boy (Germany, 01/25/2007)
  8500th name: Felicia (Austria, 05/23/2007)
  9000th name: Pemberley (Canada,10/25/2007)
  9500th name: Sir Henry Parkes (UK, 03/20/2008)
10000th name: Asti (Germany, 08/05/2008)
10500th name: Flavia (Germany, 12/31/2008)
11000th name: Lio (Germany, 05/20/2009)
11500th name: Iku (Germany, 12/02/2009)
12000th name: Smoothy (Germany, 06/17/2010)
12500th name: -
13000th name: Zayla (Netherlands, 01/11/2012)
13500th name: Karibik (Germany, 11/19/2012)
14000th name: Haswari (Germany, 08/07/2014)


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